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Quotes from the TWA Report (stick shaker on liftoff):
There is no specific training for stall encounters immediately after liftoff from the runway.
Based on their awareness of airspeed and flap configuration, the pilots should have concluded that the stickshaker was a false stall warning.
Related to this accident, "awareness of ... flap configuration" might be the key... However, in a system that is designed to check Takeoff Flap is correctly set on more than 1 occasion (? with us there is a check prior Taxi, and 2 checks in the "Pre-Takeoff checks") the crew cannot really be of any other mindset than the Flaps are correctly set...

Therefore the logic of the TWA Report, applied to this accident (and assuming the stick shaker did go off?) would be that the crew may well have, even should have, assumed it to be false.

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