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I still think you are attacking this the wrong way. If the aircraft did takeoff Flap/Slatless, then the "system" failed - a combination of aircraft design, regulators and crew. The "solution" is not to "blame" anyone (blame is not the purpose of accident investigations), but to prevent future occurrences. In turn, I do not believe that will be solved by "teaching" crews to fly out of such situaitons - in many cases I suspect it would be impossible anyway The solution is to prevent a Flap/Slatless takeoff in the first place...

I do agree nevertheless I wonder:
Apparently the Aircraft was able take off and fly in that configuration - why could she not be kept airborne (at least in ground effect)

My explanation (please comment):
During the rotation the Aircraft reached an angle of attack creating enough lift to become airborne. The PF rotated further to a pitch which would have been right in correct TO Configuration.

Lift was not enough to allow a climbing flightpath instead the plane stayed in ground effect. Therfore this further rotation produced an angle of attack in the full stall regime. Given the low altitude, NTOP already selected and time available for realising the problem there was no practical chance of escape.
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