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OK...someone mentioned "chink" power and that pros would know what this meant.

I don't know what it means and I was the first to indicate the relationship between a RAT probe heated on the ground and loss of takeoff warning.

so, please, tell me, a pro, what CHINK power is.

ALSO, some people just don't get this idea:

the RAT probe being heated on the ground meant that the plane ''thought'' it was in the air. Pulling the RAT heater CB didn't do anything to the ground control relay etc. THE PLANE ALREADY THOUGHT IT WAS IN THE AIR and another CB didn't need to be pulled...

RAT heating on ground equals SYMPTOM...mechanic cured symptom but not disease (plane thinking it was in the air).

other human factors made the crew forget to move the flap handle...I blame poor training by the airline...and a copilot with 1000 total hours? and a brand new captain, though with previous experience. A military pilot...maybe a fighter pilot used to only flying alone and no CRM .

PLEASE, if you move a handle, watch the gauge and don't let go of the handle until the gauge reads what you want it to.
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