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Probable expalnation

Reading thru the post and thinking of the episode of someone writing a close call taking off with flaps up due to the F/O retracted them when they returned to gate to leave a passanger but turned back to start again,and the they forgot to set them again for the new emminent take-off. The take off warning were not working due to C/B pulled. And then refering to my own text I wrote earlier from own conclutions and experience and then thinking of this Spanair thing just make me more certain of the probable explanation of this accident. Plain Human factors ! it happens must faster and easier than one would think but that is ofcourse why we have the famous checklists that should be followed before EVERY flight. There are there for a reason...And as wisely said before just pure airmanship and will to survive nomatter what type of aircraft you operate would make you check the essentials in your head before advancing the throttle: like are we on the correct RWY ?? think.. then did we have clear for take-off ?? then flaps/slats +trim+power ,then take-off accidends are very very highly unlikely


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