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There is a question running around my head. I have read the complete draft of the accident analysis. You can find it here, in spanish of course. The first chapter says that the engineer poped out a breaker to turn off the RAT probe heater, acording to the MEL, but it doesn't say wich breaker. The chapter 5 is a safety recomendation. There we can find a complete description of the R2-5 relay function. It also says that the TOWS is a NOGO by MEL and MMEL. Therefore the RAT breaker has nothing to see with the relay IMO. Why then the whole recomendation chapter talking about the relay? Do that mean the relay was also faulted or disrupted by another breaker, the famous P40 at Detroit accident, causing the TOWS fault? In other words TOWS must be independent from the RAT probe heater breaker because it would be a NOGO. So what in earth caused the TOWS to fail? Other question. Was the relay R2-5 causing the RAT probe to be heated while on ground? Why the draft doesn't specify it clear? Could be linked to the wings1011 post [+] talking about engineer's bad habit to pop out a breaker for the daily check? Could be the same reason at Detroit, Madrid and Lanzarote?
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