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Okay Novhoverstop,

You've flown it ( or rather the prototype / simulators ) and I certainly won't; but when I say ' no vectored thrust ' I know that aft nozzle vectors a bit, but not as in the 98.5 degrees - all combined - like the Harrier.

As for ski-ramps, well it seems any decent fighter - as in Mig 29 on the Russian carrier- can do it, but without vectored thrust the launch/ bring back penalty is considerable.

- Yes I've heard at least the first of the CVF's is getting a ramp, but made out to be a hang-over from Harrier times - remind me again about delivery dates & delayed expiry dates ?!

Despite the obvious advantages of STORL / STOVL ( if the kit allows ) the U.S. Marines don't seem to be driving the project along, hence the flat rather than ramped decks of their carriers - they put up with whatever they're given.

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