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Transition Layer.....

You are probably young, and hence...at least from your posts, overly full of pre-conceived ideas. And you will have never had the experience of seeing inflexible management preside over the demise of an airline because they wouldn't re-deploy assets, never tried anything new, were afraid to reverse decisions, couldn't adapt to a changing world, wouldn't meet the competition head on etc etc.

But it seems to me from the outside that the Qantas group.....(which, FYI is not Mainline Pilots plus a lot of little ugly step-brothers and sisters....)....is at least getting a fair chunk of it right. Yet you constantly refer in cruel terms to Jetstar as though it was some deformed malignant growth.

Take a step back and think through this stuff. Read some airline history. Qantas without it's group capabilities (which includes the vast 320, 737, 380 and 787 orders ahead, QantasLink, JQ and all the associated group capabilities....would be a very rapidly dying museum flight of big fuel hungry jets carrying an ever diminishing number of beautifully preserved High Yield Passengers.

When and if you get your jet command...you will see as though with newly opened eyes, that the world is a big place, full of airlines and strategies you never heard of before. Under the new CEO, Qantas as a group has the best chance it could ever have of a good future. He won't be perfect, few of us are. But he'll give it his best shot. Be thankful he's doing that.

And finally....hatred has no place in a pilot's lexicon, in or out of the cockpit. Life is short and God meant it to be sweet. If to get that you need to leave flying and find a world where you are happy....I wish you well on that journey. Just don't pollute this world, the one many of us love....with venom and spleen.

Safe flying
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