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I think that, having read some of the comments posted since my last contirbution, I am speaking for the majority of those who still in! Please don't think I'm proud of that, because I am not. On the contrary, I would much prefer to see that we had a CAS who was prepared to tell it as it is, and NOT tell those above him what they want to hear.

Do I take it from your lack of reply to my earlier posting that you have nothing further to add to this debate? I note on another thread that you are one of the few who have 'exceptional' in your flying log book. Well done Sir, I salute you! I think it bears out what I said in my earlier comment about how rank bears no reflection whatsoever to aviating ability eh? Perhaps you would do us all the great honour of advising what rank you were when you left, just to concur that please? Thank you.
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