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VVTS Loads

Average load factor on A330 80% each way last 12 months.Freight uplift average 10tons ex Syd and 20 Tons Ex VVTS.Freight often sacraficed due high pax Nos IE MLW limited 180tons.
QF want the A330 for Japan and have taken them of other FLTs as they did originally from Australian ex CNS.Also one aircraft less[5] due to C checks for next 5 months.Do not know why but do know that will run at a loss but not as much as QF.
QF A330 at present are costing 10million more to operate per annum that JQ A330.This is the first time identical aircraft can be compared in the group.This is not subsidised figures as some like to pontificate on this forum but real hard cash.Joyce was not made CEO of the QF group with unreal costs and fake figures.Some reasons for this saving.
1.No load control.Jq pilots do there own.QF have over 200 people in load control.
2.JQ use mostly Flap 1 takeoffs.QF always use flap2.Airbus state that Flap 1 uses up to 600kg less on takeoff and can be higher saving depending on flap retraction timing.
3.JQ tailor flap and Flex.At present JQ are using up to 5degress better flex at same weights and R/W.Each 1degree is $100,000 saving PA.

This list is by no means exhaustive but hopefully will show to some people it is not our EBA of 44 Pages and pay rates that deliver real cost savings to the group and hopefully keep us all employed.

Having read EBA 8 and the comments against it [I doubt it will get up] the QF guys are still on a deal either way which is still the best pay with conditions in the world.I hope the group remains profitable enough to support either EBA!!!.
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