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First of all, I don't have a particular axe to grind, but a couple of points....

1) Anyone who assumes a position of responsibilty puts themselves in the firing line for people to 'have a pop' at. The fact that they can't always reply just goes with the territory. So in the same way that the England football manager is no doubt criticised in some football forum, CAS can expected to be criticised/praised/commented upon in a forum containing a large number of RAF members, both past and present. IT GOES WITH THE JOB.....

2) How would people define the Sir Glenn years as CAS....? It seems to me in these sort of cases it boils down to one or two things. For example, if we take Prime Ministers, to me Thatcher is Falklands War, reining in the power of the Trade Unions, rampant capitalism, while Blair is Spin and Iraq.... So how would you define the Sir Glenn years as CAS, and would it be for what he has done (the rise of Air Power doctrine?), or what he hasn't done (spoken out in public)....? And previous CASs for comparison......?
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