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1. The ARt fire light and the slat takeoff light are clearly visible in daylight....when you are looking at them. They are not the glow in the corner of your eye type of light like the reverser unlocked lights for example. In a situation of distress you would not be able to answer the sim instructor's question if the ART fired or not if you were the pilot flying (come to think of it maybo you can as the sim is always dark )

2. The procedure on the MD80 is to pull the manual EPR setting knobs. A small digital (but mechanical) display will appear in the EPR gauges. Together with the orange chevrons which are normally slaved by the TRI.
Upon setting takeoff thrust - if you did not have the presence of mind to brief a static takeoff to better monitor power settings - you will (still) get ample time to set the thrust. From my experience you will never get EXACT thrust anyways. For example if you have a FLX TO of 1.82 EPR, maybe you end up with 1.80 on the left and 1.81 on the right, but dancing a bit up and down around 1.82. The diefference is maybe a couple of pounds of thrust, if it isn't indication inaccuracies.

3. Don't know as I never flew a Mad Dog with one equipped. I would venture a guess at saying that it has to be related to the ground shift. Both for the RTO or NORM range as for the time it needs to sense to start applying.

I hope I have clarified thes questions somewhat.

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