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you are quite right, the failure mode did happen to me. but we noticed a problem at the gate with a lower than normal epr setting for takeoff...investigated and found the RAT probe heated on the ground. It was nutty and our experienced mx staff recognized the problem right away.

It happened 3 times to me while on the DC9.

I truly think that all lights, slat or otherwise are nicely visible in daylight, provided you are not using the dimming switch.

I also had adopted, prior to this, an exagerated method of checking the flaps//slats prior to takeoff...thanks to the tragic crash in DTW.

My airline, at the time, was one of the premier operators of the DC9 and its training program was excellent, including stalls on takeoff and going to slats extend flaps 15, and also thrust reverser deployment on takeoff.

The DC9/MD80 is a fine plane when well maintained and properly flown.

I would rather fly this type than any comparable class plane. The 737 was a true PIECE OF SHIT compared to the DC9. And don't even get me started on the 'bus.
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