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Wow is in the main landing gear.Ground sensing in in nose gear.The take off configuration warning depend on the ground sensing.This is a group off 15 relays energized when the nose gear is barely compresed. One off this relays disconect the Rat probe heater when is in ground condition.Other conect the TO conf.warning .The thrust reverser work in both condition but in ground is powered by the respective hydraulic system and in flight for a dedicated accumulator.Is a extremely safety devise all mecanical and hydraulic.In the Lauda and Tam accidents,the T. Rev. was electrically controled and in both the failure was basically electrical.
The investigator must to know what hapened. If TO whith slat up the hydraulic actuators must be retracted.
Yet whith over load ,bad trim ,low EPR, in a sach as long runway and no obstacle this plane should to flight while the slat is extended.
My vote is for a TO whith a no slat extended condition and a inop TO conf.warning
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