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If you expect TOTAL safety in any mechanical device operated by man, then stay in bed - where you will eventually die anyway, - sorry to sound callous but this is a real World governed, and not too badly in fact, but economics.

That's not trying to minimise the suffering, just being realistic.
Based on your statement crash investigations are not necessary, the thousand of hours spent in improving flight safety are not needed.
If TOTAL is not the target, what is acceptable 80%, 90% 95%?
Why not making an aircraft NO GO with a unserviceble TR if will be safer.
I should not discount so easly an issue that seems to be at least a casual factor in various crashes.

Finally a very silly question. If the aircrafts are certified without TR, why the manufacturer should bother to install them? To consume more fuel on landing?

Last but not least a question for the experts, only one TR operative while create asymetric breaking behaviour?

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