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I notice one particularly experienced VSTOL Test Pilot is being very restrained on this subject - possibly as a lot of b----cks is being spoken !

Yes, stop then land, or nearly so; I don't reckon an approach speed of 140 kts sounds like a ' near crawl ', more like a 'near F-4' !

In WW2 the F4U Corsair was reckoned a good thing once airborne, but it took Eric Brown - with exceptional skills - to convince the USMC to use it aboard ship.

When I saw a recent claim that only 129 ( I find that figure very dubious ) Corsairs were lost in combat, and of course claimed about 4,000 kills, I would have laughed if the subject was not so sad; i.e, how about landing / training accidents - same goes may I suggest for the F-35B; and we're not even with our backs to the wall in an emergency wartime situation...
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