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Tim McLelland
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Geezers, I'm afraid I don't have any information on that flypast (not as yet anyways!) other than that it took place - simple as that (and yes, as mentioned below, I believe it was only a four-ship, judging by movies/photos). As for a book of Lightning photos covering every example, I guess it could happen, but it would have to be courtesy of one of the many smaller publishers that can handle short-run publications. Much as you (and I) would love such a book, it wouldn't interest any major publishers as they're never interested in anything that is deemed to be anything less-than hugely popular, these days! I would imagine it would be much more likely to be a task for someone on the internet, indeed there's at least one good site which is already going some way towards illustrating every Lightning. As for "tales from the logbook", well I'll be doing my best to address that matter in my book, if I can!

Beagle, shame on you for straying from the righteous path of PC! Reminds me of the infamous Pilot's Pals calendars... Mind you, I suppose some of the RAF/MoD spin doctors might still go for a photo like that if she turned out to be a trannie? oops, *slaps own wrist*

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