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Modern Elmo, JJ,

The team have looked at getting a hook on the STOVL (wasn't in response to SRVLs) and it's quite a job. The F-35A has one for land use, the F-35C has a monster one for shipboard use, but the B doesn't have the structure under the aft fuse to fit one, as it has to be left clear for the aft nozzle to swivel down.

All USN deck landing systems are stabilized against ship motion, and yes they do have an automated capability. I understand that they rarely use the full 'hands off' automated capability, but they do use the system extensively at night to aid stabilizing the aircraft on the glideslope. The work being done right now, I believe, is to assess SRVL workload against various scenarios and decide whether a full autoland capability is required.

ME - I can't support the view that SRVLs are a 'false messiah', nor do I think the Brits are trying to 'save' the F-35. SRVLs are most probably being looked at because the Brits want the aircraft to do more than the agreed specification asks for. I do agree, though, that we should aim to give SRVLs a bolter capability.
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