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The only way to catch them.

I am a Police Helicopter Pilot and really your (complainant/Target) only real means of bringing a prosecution against these idiots with the Green [email protected] or indeed the Red [email protected] also.
I have suffered numerous attacks over the past ten years since leaving the military.
We kind of ignore them most the time as we have a job to do but appreciate the fact that large fixed planks would have great difficulty in locating or indeed talking Police ground units onto the [email protected]
Personally I believe in squirting the 10.5 million candle power torch at them. It works for us.
It will normally happen during final approach and as soon as it does inform App/Twr of the attack (which I suggest could not be accidental as they tend to hit you on and off for 30 secs or more).
They will register it as such and will inform the local Police, and all following aircraft into the airport.
If you should be lucky enough to have a Police Helicopter Unit close by then the ATC will almost certainly inform them of the incident.
It is not normal to deploy for a [email protected] attack but they will "keep a close watch on the area" during normal tasks.
That said a KLM on finals into EGNV last week was hit and during a return to base following a task, we managed to see the Green [email protected] as he tried to light us up also.
One arrested, [email protected] confiscated as dangerous weapon, KLM crew interviewed and all paperwork completed within a few hours.
Idiot appeared in court on Teesside Fri 22nd Aug.
It can be dealt with but we need to know.
Maybe the CAA could inform us quicker, post MOR. I doubt it but the local relationship of the ATC and Police crews is very good and is no doubt your best option.
ie. 4 miles on final 23 right side by 2 miles etc. easy.

(Plane hit by [email protected] danger - Gazette Live)

I have not got the result of the court appearance but the last prosecution awarded 4 months detention.

All the very best
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