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tempting as it all is, when I looked at the costs of flying floats at home in Scotland the prices were a tad on the high side and hard to justify. Looks fantastic though


If in doubt go to your local flying school and get the cfi to clarify.
Basically your bi-ennial flight has to be done at any time during the second year and the examiner must sign the revalidation page on your licence within the last three months.
There is also a form to be sent to the CAA for referance only. SRG1119

This has nothing to do with the 90 day rule.

If your rating has expired then a test with an examiner will be necessary and the same form filled in.
Providing it is within the last 5 years then an abbreviated version of the test will be done, if however the 5 year period has been exceeded then the full test will have to be done.
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