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re validation defined

I know air law and have read the posts but could someone in the know just clarify what exactly the requirement in very basic clear idiot proof form ?. Especially what forms and what signatures are required for the two different routes ie experience vs test.

I plan to never let my experience go less than 90 days anyway.

I always get a signature and caa no in my log book.

The things I'm unsure on is who, ie cfi / instructor / examiner and who's signature is on what bit of paper. if your going for your recent flying route, will I need a instructors signature (on what) for the flight with an instructor and a sig from ??? on ??? to prove what.

Also is there an actual form to fill in and what needs to go to the caa (logbook, medical, rating, all the licence inc RT)

I'm determined not to get this one wrong lol

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