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Skippers + Alliance = ????

2 x Dash 8-100's have been officially announced as arriving late August and early September respectively.

From the same source, I heard yet another interesting rumour. I look forward to reading the posts from the PPRuNe experts that will discount it!

In the not too distant future, Skippers will be launching a financial interest into Alliance Airlines.

Apparently, it will allow both operators to increase capacity in their respective markets, and will allow Skippers to have a good go at the likes of Network, NJS and Skywest. Alliance will operate an F100 on Skippers behalf out of PER, and/or the east coast to WA minesites, and Skippers will operate lower capacity types on the east coast on behalf of Alliance.

Who knows how much substance there is too this one, but on the surface it makes some sense to me and the people, who, actually work at Skippers and Alliance, that i've discussed it with.
  • SQ is cashed up from a recent business interest sale.
  • Alliance are apparently struggling $$$$ wise
  • Skippers needs to increase capacity to compete with Network, NJS, etc
  • It allows a new type into the skippers fleet, without having to worry about crewing, training, maintenance, etc.
  • Alliance will actually have a base to work from in PER, as opposed to a box in T3 and a tin shed in the Hawker Pacific hangar
  • Skippers will be able to enter the east coast market of QLD with greater ease where FIFO is rapidly growing

So there it is. I'm sure the experts which are the PPRuNe aviation business gurus will hit this for six, but worth having a think about i guess.
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