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SEP revalidation....

I know its been posted before but here it is again....

I made the mistake of allowing my rating to expire. I diligently flew with instructors as required every two years, kept my flying hours well above the required amount, even took an IMC course and yet my rating expired due to the previous two bi-annuals paperwork not being sent into the CAA.

I am partly to blame for this myself as I should have had the Certificate of Revalidation section of my licence signed by the local examiner, but like many other pilots I know, I just got the instructor to sign my logbook and I carried on for another 2 years.

To cut to the chase, the CAA informed me that I must do another skills test, regardless of my dual flights.

Luckily for me it was within the 5 year period since the last revalidation so I got the bull by the horns and took another test which I am happy to say was successfull.

I will not let that happen again!!!!!!!

Thanks have to go the efficiency of the staff at Highland Flying School for helping me to untangle the mess and accomodate me at short notice, they are first class up there I must say, Cheers Peter
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