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Been there for 2.5 yrs on the BAe146, of which most of them have now been replaced by the 195's. I now moved to longhaul 76.
FlyBE is a great airline to start with as you get lots of hours in in a short time period and many starts and landings on many routes.
Therefore it doesn't take long to get your 1800/2000 hrs which is min. for command.
Climbing up the seniority ladder in flybe goes pretty quick in the beginning, because of opportunities arise to work for other (bigger)
companies with your "fast growing hours-CV". Therefore there's a good chance they'll consider you for command as soon as you qualify.
Other companies might have got better rosters/salary/base, etc., so people move to places where they think they're off better.
Its always hard to compare companies unless you've been in both of them.. and the grass isnt always as green as it looks on that other side.
My new job is longhaul with so far easy rosters so jobwise hard to compare.
I made the right choice but I wouldn't have landed this job without flybe.
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