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I have refrained from engaging in the purile PPRuNe debate concerning the "QF/JQ world is caving in" nonsense BUT I simply cannot overlook an implication presented by Captainrats:

"An aging fleet that requires considerable maintenance from diminished resources ie tangible equipment assets and personnel"

SQ has a reasonably young fleet NOW but dont kid yourself, they will be basket cases when still operating in thier twilight years. Case in point the poor state of the A310's and 743's when they were not factory fresh.

"A Disengaged workforce that been largely managed on the basis of fear and intimidation."

Do you really think the staff at SQ and QR are "engaged". "Managed by fear" is an apt term when referring to SQ, its how they do business.

"Operational disarray."

Yep, sums up QR very nicely and other big players such as CX couldnt strategize thier way out of a paper bag on most occasions.

You will not get sympathy from fellow workers at the airlines you mention, they are struggling with same issues you face, or worse.

So you think your new boss is a mean and nasty man that will try to make your charmed lifes difficult? Welcome to the real world my friend.
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