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Zantop ceased flight operations in the mid 90's except for a couple tired DC 8's, which were operated on a seperate certificate. The hanger is still there, as well as a few airframes and engines. I understand the company had a lot of spare parts, not sure if they have been liquidated yet or not.

I flew the Electra for about 8 years. Great airplane. Yes, the 5,000 the first hour and 4,000 an hour thereafter is a good estimate on fuel burn. If I remember correctly, we could put about 30,000 pounds in the back plus three hours of fuel. Or, 30,0000 pounds of fuel and 2,000 pounds of ballast in the back. Yep, thats seven hours of fuel at normal cruise.

We operated the Electras on a hub and spoke in the US, similar to a UPS operation, but hauling oversize/overweight cargo. It was also popular in Europe and we wet leased aircraft and crews to Channel Express, who was and may still be an Electra operator. Have flown this bird in Europe for UPS, TNT, and Channel. Amera (Emera?) Aire, out of Vienna also still uses L188's, so ya might give them a call.

No, ya need 3 to fly this plane. Anyone operating without FE's is nuts, as he is the busiest person aboard.

ONA? Man, that goes back a ways. I started driving this bird back in 87 and that was way before then.

Let me know if ya need any more info. I have an old Zantop flight manual, if I can find it. And ten years of war stories....ha ha ha.

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