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To specifically answer your question 411A the following may be helpful:

MTOW: 113,000 Lbs (51,255Kgs)
MZFW: 90,000Lbs (40,823Kgs)

Usuable fuel: 5,520 US galls.

Max Structual Payload: 30,645 Lbs (13,900Kgs)

Start and taxy: 300 Lbs
T/O & Initial climb: 200 Lbs
Final manoeuvre: 300 Lbs

Climb F/F: ISA + 10 5,180 PPH at MTOW

Max. Alt at MTOW: ISA + 10 21,000' (37 mins)
ISA + 20 18,000' (34 mins)

Cruise F/F: ISA + 10, MTOW & TOCW (104,750Lbs): 4,000PPH

Air NM/1,000 Lbs on cruise at TOCW 104,750Lbs: 78.5

Average descent fuel: 550 Lbs.

Holding F/F: 3,600PPH

Also the wing planks were a structual problem and needed ultra sound checks on a regular basis due to cracks occuring or existing cracks getting larger.

Good luck with the venture if it goes ahead.
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