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This is the greatest farce I have ever seen in this industry.
I can tell you that I was "invited" to a validation meeting in respect to the new aviation training package and can tell you that it was all over but the shouting before I got there.
I raised several questions and concerns as an RTO director and a professional pilot, that this was a retrograde step and would have serious consequences to all of the industry, but especially mum and dad flying schools and the good old traditional path of getting a commercial license.
I raised it with the CASA ombudsman but they simply did not want to knkow.
This is how it cam about and what drove it.
To be eligible for a student visa, a nationally accredited course under the AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework) needs to be registered with CRICOS (International Students).
International students can then apply for a visa (student) to come tho OZ to study.
This option through a Cert IV course has been available for several years.
The problem was, no students completed the cert IV, they received their licensing without it.
As such the course (cert IV) came under scrutiny due to lack of completions and was going to be scrapped (read de registered).
The larger Registered Training Organisations (TAFE) objected and went about finding a solution in an attempt to maintain their overseas student numbers (read revenue).
The industry consultation consisted of TAFE, QF and Defence!
Greatest load of Sh1t I have ever seen, but nobody cares.
I told the girl who set this in train and managed the program, she had been sold a pup and that it would have serious ramifications to the industry, deaf ears.
This was done to maintain international student revenue and for no other reason.
I am happy to take do whatever it takes to make some sense out of this.
As an owner of a relatively large RTO with avaition qualifications on our scope of registration, I could gain significantly financially out of this, but as a professional aviator with a passion for the industry this stinks.
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