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Got soaked in the morning but dried out later. Star was of course XH558. Magnificent achievement by all concerned. Must admit I was originally one of the many doubters but now . . . well, it all came together yesterday for thousands of people.

The pic I wanted was 558 and 602 together. Knew it had to taxy past its old stablemate so . . .

Surprisingly many around me at the time hadn't actually thought of that!

It will become obligatory in years to come to have taken and show your photo of the two Avros in flight yesterday. This is one of mine. I say one of because age is giving me more camera shake these day so I was pleased to get something that didn't look like an out of focus butterfly following a wasp.

As for the cost of food! Well, all I can say is do what we did, take your own.

I suppose the biggest niggle yesterday was the commentator. Displayed a total, and embarassing, lack of knowledge and sounded like an over-excited space cadet at a village fete. For an International Air Show the RAF could (and should) do better.

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