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Tickhill to Waddington without pushing the speed limits (honest):

55 minutes from home to parking (at Barn Farm). Short queue on entry -less than 5 minutes.

50 minutes from car park back to home.

Got there for the Spanish display, deliberately late (had other duties to attend to first), which meant I was in the Barn Farm overflow carpark, but walked straight onto a bus which set off within a couple of minutes. Caught the same bus back to the Farm.

In previous years I have left early and got in around 9:00-9:15 with no more than 10 minutes queuing. Getting out has been another matter entirely - the earlier you arrive the longer you queue to get out!

Finningley - I live only 6 miles from the base and still regret miscalculating the traffic the last time the Ligntnings appeared there. I missed them, stuck in traffic only a couple of miles from home having set out over an hour before the show was due to start. I don't know how I got that one so wrong - for some reason my local knowledge worked against me that year. Still plan to go to SA one day to make up for it.
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