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Comment from one of the rich people.

Getting there, getting in, getting parked and getting out - Red Route sticker = no problem - the Flt Sgts were still calling me Sir even after they'd seen the FLY NAVY sticker in the back window...

Getting round - no problem - limo service available to Alpha Dispersal with pick-up if you were too idle to walk back - not me, BTW!

Eating - no problem - food provided: bacon sandwiches (note plural) and coffee on tap. Excellent buffet lunch with more food than you could even think of eating. Tea at 1630 with cream and jam scones, profiteroles, drinks. If you wanted beer you had to pay.

Seeing the displays - no problem - we were right at the front; how many car alarms did the Mirage set off when he made that low pass at 500+ kts?

Yes, there were gaps in the show and yes the weather was pretty horrid early on but I remember being sent home early from the Sunday show last year and anything was better than that. OK, I remember the RAF At Homes (usually Middleton St George when it was a Vampire OCU and later a Lightning OCU) where it was wall-to-wall aircraft jostling for position to display but there are two wars on at the moment.

All in all it was a brilliant day which cost my mate and I 90 each and it was worth every penny just to see 558. Next year? Certainly! And before you all jump on me - when we had 3 kids at home we couldn't afford to pay that sort of rate for our entertainment. Just wait until you're old like me and one or two others on here and then you'll be able to!
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