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Assorted comments from general member of the unwashed:-

1. Queue to get in - 1 1/2 hours for last two miles not good. Finally got there at 11 (planned 10 - 10.15, hopeful 9.30).
2. Queue to get out. Getting out of airfield was, actually, ok, within expected limits (except memo to assh*le three cars in front - you don't have to let EVERY car into the queue) but (and nothing to do with organisers) idiot cop on point duty a couple of miles South, 5 demerit points (I think his dad was in the queue up the side road).
3. What on earth was that stuff served as coffee in the Hangar Cafe. Looked (and tasted) like watered milk. Hot chocolate was as bad apparently.
4. Couldn't the met office have moved the clouds away earlier.
5. Displays generally good, but see below.
6. Saw Arrows 'flat' display for first time and I think I preferred it to main display (banking turn with 'low' aircraft not far off deck and 'top' must have been going 'where has everyone else gone' as he went through cloud was impressive.
7. Typhoon/Spitfire display was brilliant (query: surely Spitfire pilot must have had turbulence problems when he went through wash from Typhoon?)
8. Shame about B52, was looking forward to that.
9. Had lump in throat when Vulcan/Lancaster went past, could barely talk (unusual for me). (Also comment from MadsLad 'it was louder than that when we saw it at RIAT', answer being 'yes, but no burners this time').
10. Role display was good. To be fair the Navy display at Yeovilton is more impressive but, as t'Lad said, 'they have lots of helicopters hovering round, the aircraft have to go away and then come back, so there are bigger gaps'. (And did the bloke off the Chinook, last back on, really hurt his leg? If yes hope you get well soon).
11. In queue on way out, from MadsLad, nodding towards a gang of ATC Cadets being harried by a sergeant 'looks just like herding cats'

Finally from MadsMum, who isn't that interested in aviation, 'it was a brilliant day out'. (And those of you from Yorkshire will know exactly what that means). And from me thank you to all who organised and flew for the event.

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