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NDW i have to agree with you re prices and delays in Programme. Is it me or at the "Big" shows is there more breaks in the Programme? My first airshows were the Ulster air show at Newtown ards where there was usually a fairly continuous programme. Waddington seams to have long breaks and went to Farnborough a bout 5 years ago and it was the same picture.
IMHO Waddington were relying on the Vulcan to pull the crowds and the RAF Role demmo to keep them entertained to be honest the role demo was a complete waste of time not only due to the non existant commentry but it just doesn't work in explaining what the airforce does.
For a Major RAF based show covering Northern England and Midlands I would have hoped the RAF could have supplied more and persuaded other allies to send aircraft thanks to the Spannish, Germans, Dutch ,Chilieans,Italians and Americans for providing Static aircraft and the Chileans, Spanish and French for contributing to the air display.
This is the RAF's 90th Birthday Year so a show like this should have had alot more to see or is the RAF putting all the eggs in the RIAT basket which is fine if you are willing to travel to the other end of the country the People of the North of England and the Midlands pay the same taxes as those in the south so why shouldn't they expect the Airforce they pay for to put on a good show somewhere they can get to. Yes budgets are tight (not only for the forces) and there is overstretch. But a big well run event like waddington can and does help keep the airforce in the public eye, helps recruit and makes people ask elective representitives why proper resources aren't being allocated.
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