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At the moment I am working for an airline and 'doing it as i go'. I am fortunate to have parents willing to stump up enough money for modular provided i pay back a minimum amount each month. They are also seriously looking at whether it would be possible to secure integrated funds for me - i'm very lucky ot have such supportive parents and i will be paying back every penny i borrow.

That being said, i'm on a low salary at the moment and live on my own, in my own place. This leaves very little spare, not enough to save really, so my other big decisions is: Do i go for an option I have of a higher paid job (at a bank) or do i stay in the industry and keep on struggling.

I'm thinking that staying in the airline will keep contacts, keep me involved, but the safer financial route is more of a 'needs must' option, if that makes sense?

Basically I do think the financial risk of integrated is too high, especially in the current climate, but to increase chances of employment once the flying is done, it would be nice to be able to stay with an airline...!
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