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my application process so far

hello all.

ive got my third stage coming up on the 21st of july and i thought i would let everyone know the process i went through just in case it helps anyone.

firstly im only 18, i finished sixth form literally 2 weeks ago so it goes to show that anyone can do it. you just need to apply yourself. my first stage was held at the hilton hotel at tower bridge, london. even though the email says smart, casual its always best to wear a suit if possible, (first impressions are important). there were 50 people at my test, all standing around looking nervous. firstly we were seperated into one large and two smaller groups which then went off to do either the motivation paper, the pychometic tests or the meeting with the atc.

i was in the larger group so i had to do the three tests first, personally i felt this was good as i was still fresh when i had a go at them. the tests are hard, though if they don't seem hard, it means you havnt done them right. they are designed to test you and you should not finish them. these three tests took 45 minutes, the time flies and use the note pad provided where appropriate (it helped me alot).

after these tests my big group was split into two smaller ones and we then went into the motivation test and the meeting. i did the meeting first and asked some questions about the job. this is not part of the selection so you can relax and take it all in. the motivation paper was relatively simple. it was basic questions about the material you will be sent. its easy enough if you put the work in.

after this test we were free to go. it took a week for HR to send a SLR questionnaire via email, i was not aware that this occured but i did it anyway. answer truthfully and honestly because even though there are hundreds of questions, they all ask relatively similar stuff so its easier just to be honest. after completing this i recieved an email asking me to book my stage 2 interview. this was at the CTC at fareham, southampton. there were only three other guys at the interview and they were nice enough. i advice you to try and get to know your fellow applicants, not only does it make the time go faster but you now have people you can contact throughout the remainder of the process.

the second stage consists of a computer test and a structured interview of roughly 60 questions. i did the computer test first and found it completely impossible. i came out and nearly left as i felt i did so badly, but again you are meant to feel this way. they are designed to seem impossible. my advice is don't give up and just keep trying to answer as best as possible, however stressed you get.

next is the structured interview, the lady who interviewed me was really nice and i was quite comfortable throughout. be prepared for some strange questions and DON'T LIE. after this is had to completed another motivation paper which lasted 30 minutes and was alot harder than the one in stage 1 so revise ALOT. i am serious you are going to want to spend alot of time looking through the material and getting to know it well. i recommend a few hours a day, after this test we had to fill out a security questionnaire and another questionnaire alot like the SLR one i had to fill out online. after that we were free to go.

after a week of nerves i finally got an email telling me i had been successful and i am through to the last stage.

i advise you to try and get some work experience at a nats location. i live in bournemouth so i spent time at the college with the guys on the course currently. when i told the woman i had done work experience she looked impressed so i think this will help alot.

other than that good luck.
hope this helps.
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