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I was an unsuccesful stage 4 CTC Wings applicant in 2006, but i've been offered a place on the Wings ICP course (i failed stage 2 and 4 of the cadet scheme so can't ever try again )

It's possible that i may be able to secure the loan thanks to trusting parents. How do people view this course, and the risks involved?

I've just been reading a fair few posts and it really seems people are beginning to back off the idea of integrated courses (on here anyway, they all seem to be filling up though)

My other option is modular at Multiflight (as i live in Leeds) and i'm guessing that will cost me 40k

CTC do state that ICP students are likely to have priority onto the ACP course, is it possible that is the reason the ACP course is rarely open now?

Understandably i'm so reluctant to spend such vast amounts of money, it's frightening, but sometimes you just have to push your luck and take the big risks. It's such a tricky time at the moment though - who knows where things will stand this time next year? (I know you can say that every year but right now it's carries more weight than ever)

If it is considered relatively safe, i'm so tempted to go for it. I need to call thme to discuss how the icp finances work and a few other queries, but i'd like a few 'neutral' opinions please!

(I can't find a dedicated ICP thread)

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