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Easy Rewrites Law

A little gem in the Sunday Times Travel section today....

Someone protested although she had paid for Easyjet's priority boarding, the ground staff did nothing to honour that and she had to fight her way on with the scrum in the usual way.

Well, we've all been there, haven't we, and we know better than to buy this particular scam. I have huge sympathy with the people at the back of the mob, pathetically asking to be let through when the staff call for "Priority Boarding" passengers, but I have no wish to waste my money and join them.

But it was Easyjet's quoted response that I loved. They said, in effect, that the money paid for this service is not refundable because they tell you that when you pay, whether or not they make it happen for the buyer. Then they graciously said they would refund her money on this occasion, but never again.

Now, I see a whole new field of opportunity. We take advance payments for lots of things in our business, which is training. We never knew that so long as we put "non-refundable" in the small print we're under no obligation to provide the service. What fools we have been; always doing our best to fulfil the obligation.

Thank you, Easyjet. We learn something new every day.

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