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It's called 'Staff Travel, Kenyan style'! They might have been my eyes-- it was darned rough that day hammering over the Kenyan bush.

Tightslot, whilst you may have a valid opinion, this is essentially an aviation professional's forum, not the place for every nervous passenger wimping out about a forthcoming flight and wanting their hand held, and really wanting to be told 'there there, you WILL arrive safe and sound, there is nothing to worry about!'. Whilst the occasional query is not unwelcome, there are too many of these, and PPRuNe should take itself more seriously and handle these queries in a single 'Nervous Passenger' thread, not let the forum become a reassurance blanket. Call it abrasive or plain speaking, but sometimes rather than pussy foot around nervous people, the equivalent of a virtual slap on the face and 'either go or don't go, but don't go boring everybody to death' is more beneficial to them. IMHO.

I really hate precipitous roads. I went paragliding last year and petrified myself going up the mountain. I will either do it again and keep quiet about it, or not do it and use a Briggs and Stratton motor strapped to my posterior instead to avoid the drive up. But I will not go around boring people and asking everyone if the drive up the mountain is 'safe'. Either do it or don't! Simple.

How far would you get in ARSSE, the Army forum, if people kept coming up and saying 'I'd love to be a soldier and go soldiering, but I'm very nervous of getting shot!' What would you say? 'Well gee, I can't say I'm particularly fond of it myself, but I like being a soldier. I am a soldier and I take the chance!' Well I don't like crashing, and indeed I'm frightened of it, but I fly and get on with the job. I have the option of not flying. I chose to do it.

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