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There have been a rash of such attacks in NZ too-
"The Civil Aviation Authority says 16 [email protected] strikes have occurred in Wellington alone during the past 18 months, out of a nationwide total of more than 30 over the past decade."

And Oz-
"A recent [email protected] attack on a Qantas Boeing 747 has led to concerns over the high intensity lights that are being imported into the country.

The aircraft was on final approach into Sydney Airport after travelling from Melbourne when it was attacked by the green [email protected] However it did not affect the landing and the aircraft landed without incident. This was not the first time that [email protected] had been used on aircraft in the area, one of which led to a youth being arrested. It is not clear if the incidents are the work of irresponsible individuals or if there is a more serious aim to the attacks.

After the spate of attacks the Australian Government has said that is will ban the import of such devices."
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