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The Word 'NO.'

Paco, My Dear Fellow,
!! If I might add: We all need to remember what we are paid to do, what our responsibilities are, and to whom we will answer.
In my 40 odd years, I have always run the route of being politically correct as long as possible, then varying levels of 'no-nesses', from thence to 'What part of NO don't you understand?'
Yes, we might lose the paycheck, BUT, we are alive to seek another, and more importantly - our consciences are clear, and as stated before - this industry is very small. One developes a reputation. I would rather mine be of a sensible nature - which, thankfully - it is.
1) Responsibility,
2) Responsibility,
3) When in doubt refer to # 1 and 2 above.
Responsibility is twofold:
1) To our selves
2) To our passengers.
When in doubt, refer to #1 and 2 above.
To err on the side of safety is not an invitation to damnation.
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