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Politeness is the key........

I guess this would be an opportunity for us old buggers to regale Ppruners with some amusing stories but perhaps they are best shared over a glass of ale. Suffice it to say that when the 'wheels' get to review the detail of a problem day you can only be 'in the right' if you have been correct and polite.

Paco is right, try to offer an alternative or try to appear to be in hot pursuit of a 'Plan B'.

When asked by the UN to do yet another daft 'mission impossible' I would tell the crew to fly to the mountains then come back and simply say that the weather in the mountains was impassable. We were happy that nobody was embarrassed by saying 'No thanks, that's a daft idea' and the UN guys thought we were magic to at least give it a try.

Trying to thwart the whims of omnipotent potentates will take some doing but a sudden mechanical problem (oil leak? vibe? funny noise?) could force a delay to proceedings that let the moment pass without confrontation. After all, it is their hide as well as yours. You never know, it may even result in a brown envelope or a new Rolex instead of a plane ticket home.

It has always made the hairs on my neck stand on end when you survey the photos of an accident the day after and see how good the weather is and
how calm the day seems. If only they had not been so keen to do that flight - if only they had waited 24 hours...... sometimes less.

These people should not die without the lessons being learnt otherwise it is a waste. We owe it to their memory to look, listen and learn.

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