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What can you do? Apart from if a pilot is unusually reluctant to make themselves heard as a characteristic (rare when dealing with something in which they are trained and confident anyway), it really is a matter of the realities prevailing.

If that's how it intransigently is out in the Gulf, as acknowledged by several posters, then maybe if people look elsewhere for employment (simplistic I know), then after a lean time, the employers might eventually listen? Or maybe not. Very wealthy and powerful people can sometimes dance only to their own tune. Insurance voided? So what... peanuts. Illegal? ...not in this country if I say not.

From what I've read about this case, maybe the only course of action was for both pilots to give each other the nod and simply climb out without speaking and walk away from the aircraft. No job, but no accident. Or notice a worrying "fault" with the helicopter at start-up?
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