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Can't do much when the resources aren't there to do it. The CASA has been underfunded and understaffed for years now and employees are encouraged to continually reduce costs. It seems to me that if and when the CASA managers have a situation that should warrant further action, the CASA "system" rewards the manager who can duck-shove the responsibility to another area; be that the operator, ATSB, AsA or whomever. Actions stymied by political intervention have weathered the desire for effective regulation. The CASA has a moderate to severe case of Regulatory Impotence born from an encouraged timidity towards enforcement. The organisation has leaned from a regulator to an administrator, and perhaps a description as a political scapegoat might not be too much of a stretch.

In my opinion, the CASA needs:
1. A clear course of action and direction supported by the Minister.
2. A commitment to appropriate funding.
3. Priority on incorporating a clear, workable set of industry regulations that minimise duplication, conflict and complexity (stolen, borrowed or invented).
4. A mechanism for high-level internal review, supplemented by occasional, and regular, external reviews on enforcement and regulatory actions (or lack thereof).

A thorough review process of the CASA is warranted and necessary. CASA has become an organisation primarily of economic accountability and not one of community accountability. Where would I lay the blame? Not so much within the organisation as with the political oversight, which I believe needs the most attention.

considering ways to strengthen CASA’s relations with industry and ensuring CASA meets community expectations of a firm safety regulator
Jan McLucas is on the right track. The organisation doesn't need to be torn apart. It needs to be made stronger with knowledgeable and effective oversight and review, minus the political meddling. In my opinion, strengthen the CASA and the industry will reap the rewards.

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