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For me the most interesting picture is No. 5, where the fence is still intact on the RHS. i.e. the wing and engines cleared the fence just before coming to an abrupt halt! Nosewheel has just gone down the bank so highly loaded, then hits the fence/road/concrete blocks and comes away. Nose hits ground just as the main gear is hitting the edge of the road/concrete. The whole lot bellies down and comes to an abrupt halt. Enough force to make the stuctural damage I guess. In picture 4, you can see how far it went after hitting the ground - onle a few feet?
Just a thought, the line of concrete blocks just outside the perimeter fence, one assumes, are "Anti-terrorist" to prevent anyone ramming the fence to gain access to the field? Imagine the nosewheel hit one full in the face? I wonder if they are also anchored to the ground? Knowing Belgium, probably not but I doub't it would make a different outcome.
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