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I have seen several Pratts engine stalling on take-off and the audio and visual effects are quite impressive. After +30 years flying 747 and listening to dull thumps in the most modern simulators I had my first stall on rotate (RR) at 397 tons. The noise is way more than you would ever have expected and well demonstrates how quickly a shot of adrenalin actually kicks in. With a shout from the tower on top of this I can only sympathise ..... who can really say whether the decision to reject was a wrong call anyway?
The captain (presumably?) made the decision that the aircraft was unsafe to fly and it fortunately stopped on the ground (albeit in the grass) with no serious casualties. A long piece of wet overshoot is probably as good for stopping as most sandpits (T5 and the new mini-rail even more so?)
Is that worse than the El Al accident where one engine stalled and took out a second after take-off at AMS ending up in a block of flats and huge loss of life?
I'm not endorsing late rejects but there is one person who makes this decision and it was the best one for them.
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