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Denti, if you and I bought our first old trashed 737 and tried to make a go of a single jet airline, our own money on the or die..sure save a buck anywhere we can but be legal about flash forward, billions of dollars later, hundreds of new planes on the line, we have something to lose, ..why push the safety envelope at that point....greed?
I am curious what is the WE have to pay for engines, unless you own the airline, your an employee, and management is not on yourside. You know besides mismanagement, a plane crash is pretty much the only single event that can literaly take down an airline and a company..why risk it...

The thing is, we do not produce worse safety than you do, the fact is, proven by NTSB figures, we produce 10 times less accidents than your type of operation does. I am still awaiting your figures disproving that.

And yes, private aviation often does not have the cost pressures commercial aviation has, that is in fact one of the major differences. However, even with those cost pressures we are much better at delivering a safe flight than GA aviation is, although some sectors of GA are as good as airlines in that regard, however more than enough of that sector are not.

And as to WE, well, all employees at my airline are investors in said airline, one previous big investor granted us 50% of his earnings he made with that investment as shares in our airline.
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