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Mutt thanks for the numbers..

Software engineers approximations put into a fuel controller...having deviations of 100 ft over a ten thousand ft span on a 50c not an 'aerodynamic advantage' P.A. baited me with..

Anything other then actual OAT numbers are approximations and not some magical way of defying aerodynamic laws...

Max on your 11500 ft field is 7000 ac/stop...derate/assumed is 10000ft.
I can choose with 250 people to have 1500ft of margin after a reject or I could choose 4500 ft of margin after a reject.

Now since all the airliner guys are 'go' in here and abhor rejects, even they would have to admit that such a dangerous maneuver as a reject is better served with 4500ft margin.

--Now picked a 11500 ft and I know that this plane is probably overgross, and the pilot is trying to squeeze that assumed 10000 ft accel/stop into a more realistic 9000 ft field with a 1000 ft stopway..

So yeah..he went right over the fence...and they do it in front of me every day...

Thanks for the numbers...
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