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Still getting my head around the flex concept, particularly the bit where u do one set of calculations, then recalculate for the (higher?) temp.

Do bizjets such as CJ3 have a flex power schedule?

On such aircraft that will do maybe 200hrs per year, and is often sold before a hot section or engine overhaul time is reach, is there a benefit? I can understand the benefits of an airline aircraft doing 10 sectors a day year on year.

I am lead to belive that flex power take-offs use a little more fuel because due to the lower initial climb thrust the time to cruise alt is longer and more time is spent on in the lower high fuel consumption altitudes during the climb.

Do I also read it right that for max range achievable on the aircraft, full power and max climb power then long range cruise? Would be interested in seeing some comparisons.

Assuming a new CJ3 is delivered, and flown by the same crew. How does one look after turbine engines. What abuses them. In short, how would you get your engines to a hot section/overhaul in the best condition.
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