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Oldest QF 744 captain i can find is 64. He's good for world airspace until he's 65 when I think the US may ban him again....and that means the Indons do also. Not 100% sure on that now whether the 65 extension is just for US pilots or whether it applies to everyone. I don't think he'll be able to 'bid back' to the 767 again as he's already done that once before when he turned 60- before they changed the rules and those aged greater than 60 could fly o/s.

I know there is a 744 F/O who is 66. My records show about 70 QF drivers over the age of 60. Some of them are skippers, some of them are F/Os, one of them is a S/O! (He's an ex Flight Engineer).

I did hear of a 67 year old 737 driver a few years back. I can't see their details to be sure how old the oldest one is now.
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