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20 more seniority numbers for sale.

Unfortunately, our colleague can no longer sell his Etihad seniority number.
In their continuing effort to make time spent at Etihad a worthless event and exhibiting yet one more example that our HR line management team could not come up with a good idea of their own, even if they looked up airline and aviation in the dictionary.

They have stolen this good idea. After reviewing the documents they have found that 20 of the original 50 pilot's have since seen the light and have left, if not for greener pasture's than ones with less ordure.

Our HR/management team is now offering these 20 numbers at bargain basement prices. SR is planning to unveal this at Hogan's next road show
as a yet another method to make money and break even in 2010.

Bring your checquebooks to the event.

Consider this an opportunity to be a senior Etihad pilot! That low number is just like a low license plate, it will wow all the girls.
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