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Angel Change!

I think it will be a good idea getting used to change...and not expecting the same carrots every year...

Management always wants to save where ever it can...

Do we really think that they would treat pilots the way they do unless they knew for sure that they could do or NOT do things and get away with them...

I think its time that we looked at real issues like having permission to have our unions for handling serious and mature issues ( not petty or immature ones)


Set the industry norms ourselves right from the start by speaking to all flying schools and telling cadets NOT to pay for type-ratings to get a job which gives the message out Loud... WE WILL PAY TO FLY.....!!!

There are a lot of issues in the Aviation world which will not be solved by mere complaining and showing disapproval of....They need to be approached with a Unified Voice with the Pilot Community coming together as ONE.

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